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School Uniform

We expect all our children to wear their school uniform every day as this helps them to feel proud of being part of the school community.

It also helps the children understand that there may be different expectations from them in school from when they are at home. If your child always wears their school uniform, it will be easier for you, as you will know what they will be wearing every day. Our uniform is very simple and not expensive. We chose it because it is quick to put on and comfortable to wear. It allows children to run around and play as well as work without worrying about getting their clothes dirty. When the children are on school trips wearing uniform makes it easy to identify them as a group.

Our school colours are navy blue, grey and white. We sell jumpers with the school logo on from our office, along with other items such as hoodies, cardigans, book bags, P.E kits and water bottles. If you need a price list or any help with ordering, please ask our office staff.

Our girls and boys wear smart grey trousers with white polo shirts, navy blue jumpers, cardigans or hoodies. All children will need a book bag. Reception to Year 2 should also have a P.E. kit. Girls may wear blue and white checked dresses and grey tunics.

Below are some examples of what the children look like in their school uniform.