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Reception Home Learning

Please see below for your child's home learning. As well as the homework set out below, reception children will also be expected to:

Read a book every day for 5 to 10 minutes. Please discuss the pictures and the story with your child to support their understanding.

Phonics - practise writing the letters they are taught in school every day (see phonics sheet)

Handwriting - practise the correct formation of each letter.

Tricky words - the children need to recognise the words and can start to write them, some children can start to write the words in sentences.

Maths pack - the children have been given a maths resource pack that you can use with their maths homework. Please count objects around the home.

Take a look at the half termly projects. These are linked to the topics covered each half term in school.

Have a look at

If you want to listen to a story visit

Why not visit the Hungry little minds website?