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Parent Workshops

Workshops and Courses

During the year there are many different workshops and courses run for parents. Some are ‘stand-alone’ sessions, where information will be given on curriculum areas of interest to parents, for example phonics or reading.

Attending courses and workshops really help parents to learn more about how their child is learning in school and what they can do at home to help. Any courses or workshops are advertised through the weekly newsletter, so please keep a look out in the newsletter for upcoming courses.

We also encourage parents to visit their child’s class each half term to observe phonics, reading or maths sessions to understand the strategies the children are being taught. The staff will give ideas of how parents can best support their children at home. If you have any ideas of how the school can further support parents with their children’s learning please come and let us know.

Nazi Ahmed's Coffee Mornings 2023/24

  Every Tuesday in the studio

Nazia will be holding coffee mornings for parents on a variety of subjects. Look out for her texts each week to see what she will be discussing.